Edging is a technique or practice used to prolong arousal and increase pleasure.

Also know as ‘peaking’, ‘laddering’ or ‘surfing’.

All of these terms refer to similar techniques of playing with arousal levels just below orgasm for prolonged periods of time, it’s the practice of being brought to the almost point of orgasm and then backing off before reaching the peak.

 It involves awareness and attention to your body, your level of arousal and honing your ability to know when you are getting close to approaching orgasm.

 It makes the eventual orgasm/s much more powerful. Do this enough times and your body will become a delicious puddle of pulsating nerve sensations that will drive you wild..if of course you have the will, patience and self control.

It’s about conscious connection with your cock and awareness of the scale of pleasure you pendulate within.

Edging is very helpful for anyone who wants to last longer, for those who struggle with early ejaculation issues and especially beneficial to help gain better control of their ejaculationIt’s also a pleasurable way to begin harnessing your sexual energy and learning to becoming multi orgasmic.

 Incorporating edging into an EJ Control session is an exciting way to discover new levels of pleasure and to expand your capacity for more pleasure, longer pleasure.

With my guidance and sexy communication we will ‘ladder’ your pleasure thresholds using helpful and sexy techniques that create extended arousal for you.

Edging skills keep your self pleasure practice exciting and invites elements of challenge. Once you master this in a session and solo, you can bring all this juicy amazingness of self knowledge and personal sexy power to your lover. Dare I say that most partners will be delighted that their lover possess self control, body awareness & ejaculation control. That is sexy AF.

 ( Fact: According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine the median duration for hetero penis-in-vagina sex is 5.4minutes ). Now that’s a whole lot of disappointment for many folks.

Edging can help improve this sad stat. Want to practice becoming a self aware sexual star and give yourself and your lover so much more time to melt into pleasure? I’ll guide you there

Benefits of Edging:

– Improves early ejaculation challenges

– Less goal oriented, more pleasure oriented

-Increased self control, stamina and awareness

– Longer heightened states of sexual arousal

– More potential pleasure for your lover/partners 

– Enhances ‘cockfidence’ 

– Lasting longer and self knowledge of body arousal



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