Everything you want to know about becoming a multi orgasmic man is in this gem of a book. . . and sometimes having a guide to lean into and explore the practices of becoming more orgasmic is helpful. 

That’s where I come in.

I offer a special 3 session package solely focused on the techniques, skill sets and practices one must harness to begin opening the door to  multi orgasmic-ness.

1st session is 1.5hr. This timeline allows spaciousness for a brief meet and greet, a sexy massage and incorporation of sexual ninja skills and tools for practice.

2nd session is an hour and we dive right into the practices after a short massage and weave in the next steps for potential multi orgasmic success.

3rd session, also an hour is where we bring it all together.

Package of 3 @ 450. Booked weekly for continuum with homework and practice in between weekly sessions. 

The key is in a solid foundation of skill sets and exploration but the gold is gleaned with practice. Becoming multi orgasmic can come quickly for some men and for others it may take months. Everyone is unique and much depends on your willingness, dedication and regular practices. By no means do the 3 sessions result in mastery. It is a beginning platform for you to launch yourself into the journey of orgasmic potential.

It is truly a practice and you can do this.

This book is a must have for every person with a penis. ( see also the Multi Orgasmic Woman and Couples book by same authors ). Support your local book shop if you can.

YES, it really is possible for men to orgasm without ejaculation. They are two separate events that happen almost simultaneously. 

Most folks understand the male orgasm in terms of ejaculation. But the two are separate processes, controlled by different parts of the brain and the nervous system. If you’re itching to experience multiple orgasms, then you need to know how to handle each reflex independently.

Orgasm refers to the pleasurable sensation we achieve during the height of sexual arousal. Ejaculation revolves around the release of semen. It’s also responsible for the “refractory period,” or the time after ejaculation where a man is often unable to get hard again. It is nature’s way of allowing the body to rest, and reboot. If you can learn to retain ejaculation, you can avoid the exhausting limitations it places on the body’s ability to keep going.

More orgasms! Better pleasure for your partner! Better mind power and body/mind awareness! Increased energy and vitality! Sexual Kung Fu skills!

Did you know that an average ejaculation contains 50-250 million sperm cells? That’s a whole lotta life force and potent energy. 

How consciously are you ejaculating? Are you using your powerful jizz to at least set an intention or manifest something into your life? ( ask about sex energy manifesting  if interested ). 

If you’re interested in learning about how to become a multi orgasmic male and want to invest in your sexual health and wellness I can be reached at:

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