” I started sessions with Ella for my issues around premature ejaculation and feelings of not knowing how to please a woman. Things have greatly improved for me since. I have more confidence and can now last so long, it’s changed me for the better. My knowledge of pleasure and female anatomy has opened up great experiences with women. Big thanks for this major leap.” RJ

“I appreciate your professional and skillful way of being. You made me feel very relaxed, at ease and able to explore things I was nervous about. I completely opened up. The way you touched me was not only erotic and sexy but nurturing and caring. I was missing that in my life but didn’t realize until I felt it. I liked learning to ask for what I want.” M.

” I have learned to control my sex energy with Ella’s help. She is nothing short of amazing and made me feel so relaxed. I had  problems with porn consumption and wasn’t able to get aroused without it, it was a huge problem in my life. I learned new ways of feeling pleasure and to breathe. Sounds simple but it’s a practice to change those behaviors. I’m a new man.”  J.

“Ella introduced me to my G Spot. I didn’t think I had one or that something was wrong with me. It took a few sessions for me to relax and learn about my body. I had to visit some painful emotional places. I’m thankful for her support and guidance. I felt safe.I now have a relationship with my whole body and feel sexually empowered. I loved learning about my anatomy”. Julie

“Ella has been incredible for me both sexually and emotionally she has helped me with old issues that have haunted me, I have experienced an amazing boost. I feel happier. ” D.

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