Sensual Massage and Yoni Pleasure

Women . . . your Vulva and Vagina is a temple. It can house deep pleasure and ecstasy . . . and for some . . . pain and a history of trauma. It can be a juicy melting pot of delight and mystery . . . and for some, confusion.

Every woman can come to know her inner sanctum and learn to surrender to the immeasurable pleasure that her Yoni holds. Think back for a moment to what kind of sexual education you received around sexual anatomy, pleasure and sensuality? Many folks aren’t entirely sure about their anatomy of pleasure from a simple lack of teaching. When I began to discover the sweetness within my sexual self, I felt I won the pleasure lottery. It was like finding buried treasures, the jewels were there all along. I just had to be shown, taught and guided. 

A session begins with the solid foundation of  being able to ask for what you want. Through body-based exercises and embodiment practices we will explore boundaries, empowered voice, consent and sensate focus in the body. When you walk into my sacred space, you are the single most important person in the world and you will receive only the touch you want and ask for.

A rose by any other name would be as sweet; call it what you will . . . ( Vulva and Vagina are scientific names for our sweet womanly bits ) , however many other terms or names are used..Yoni. Pussy. Honey Pot. Flower. Vi-jay-jay . . . It is to be honoured, explored and cared for. There is no limit to the range of ecstatic experiences a woman can have in journeying with her Yoni. Feeling safe and supported is key to surrendering to pleasure and whatever arises for you. Sacred Spot massage is an ancient practice that invites one to go within, where you may tap into both your power and pleasure. 

2.5 hour Session: 300. Begins with meet and greet, intake, personal empowerment, finding your voice, sensate focus, embodiment exercises, body awareness, consent. We then proceed with a blissful, full body relaxation massage followed by a journey to your Yoni.

You will be invited for the option of prop up pillows and hand mirror to reflect inward and discover your genitals in new ways. You create the experience you want and are always supported in your celebration of discovery and pleasure.

I am here to guide, support, educate and champion you.

The above is a donation based on our time together.