Self Pleasure Coaching

Mindful Erotic Practice is a pleasurable, intimate and transformative discipline that is practiced while sexually aroused. The intention is to develop or reclaim erotic capacities. Some individuals practice it to reawaken the spirit, connect with self or source energy, cultivate creative energy for self knowing, healing and FUN.


If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we always got.

These self pleasure coaching sessions are about discovering, experimenting and expanding your pleasure and how you touch yourself.

New ways of touching and exploring your body are invited through breath, touch, movement and sound guidance.

Mindful Erotic Practice Checklist:

  •  Intentions
  • Clear beginning and ending time ( usually 30-45min )
  • Session structure or outline
  • One or more minutes of pubococcygeus muscle pumps ( pelvic floor muscle training PFMT )
  • Conscious breathing patterns
  • Self Touch
  • Movement, stretching and or dancing
  • Sounds, moans, laughter
  • 5 min of quiet savouring


Self Pleasure coaching can be incorporated into an in person session as well as via Skype sessions.

To book please email or text 250-888-9149