Pleasure For Him

One hour:  150 . . . full body sensual massage

Hour & Half:  200 . . . includes optional prostate massage & full body sensual massage, edging and EJ issues you may wish to address * (1.5hr session is ideal timeline )*

Two Hour:  250 . . . optional prostate, longer sensual massage, edging, more time to circulate arousal.

The above are donations based on consensual time shared together.

If you are interested in a specific focus for a session, please contact me to discuss.

We can co-create what’s perfect for you.

No FS/extras

Gentlemen . . . your cock is sacred. I suggest you get holy about it.

Are you interested in more than a quickie rub’n’tug, genital sneeze of a few seconds’ ejaculation? Might you desire an expanded state of arousal, riding waves of arousal and building upon peaks of pleasure, edging and savouring a taste of full-body orgasm? Perhaps you are nodding your other head with a “Hell yes!” Curious? 

Change Things Up

If we always do what we’ve always done, we’re going to get what we always got. Ergo, changing things up is key. Variety. Spice. Breaking the ‘habit’ of pleasure. Diversity. Put the pizzazz back in your pleasure and try something new.

I teach clients empowering skill sets that can be practiced and implemented on the path of becoming a multi-orgasmic man. You will learn how to edge and ladder your pleasure, cultivating your erotic potential through ancient sexual practices. Sexual Kung Fu ( kung fu translates to any discipline or skill achieved through practice).

Pleasure is a practice . . . Practicing pleasure . . . how fun!

If we want different results, there must be a willingness and curiosity to do things differently.

It would be an honour to guide you into new terrain on your pleasure path.

Expand Your Pleasure

To briefly borrow another culture’s language for a moment, in Sanskrit the word Lingam (your cock) means ‘staff’ or ‘wand of light’. Another ancient Indian term is ‘vajra’, meaning ‘thunderbolt’ and ‘diamond’. You get the idea that in ancient sexual rituals, this is considered a divine ‘tool’. It channels creative energy and immeasurable pleasure. It is a vehicle of immense delight and personal power when embraced in a sacred, healthy way. For many folks, sexuality has become tangled in shame and guilt. Sex sells almost everything, yet many struggle to talk openly about it. A lack of sexual education has diminished our sexual potential. If the time has come – pardon the pun – to embrace your manhood and expand your capacity for pleasure, to love yourself more deeply with presence and conscious awareness, I’m happy to facilitate your journey into new frontiers of sexual expression in learning to extend and prolong your pleasure.

Let Me Guide You

Many men benefit from learning to relax and receive. Traditional sexual conditioning has the man in a goal-oriented, “doing” state. Whole body, Sensual Massage allows a man to experience new pleasures by fully receiving and surrendering to my pleasurable and erotic touch.

Orgasm or ejaculation (two separate events) are not the goal in this massage, although they are always welcome and celebrated, it’s not the aim. The journey is in building and exploring arousal sensations through the entire body, not just genital focused. But pleasure will certainly be given to your lingam and the intention is for full body pleasure.

This pleasure massage includes all of you, thoroughly . . . the lingam,  pelvic region, perineum, sacred spot (prostate), if you wish. A session with me is all about you. This is a gateway to elongated pleasures, with your healthy masculine energy, a delicious cosmic journey into your sexy, aware, present and erotic self.

Presence in Pleasure

Our session time together is intimate. It involves presence and expansion. You will be invited to learn and explore new ways of circulating pleasure. We will explore playing with eye contact, connection, communicating desires and being respectful, attentive and present.

This is an opportunity to be a courageous erotic explorer (words of one of my incredible teachers and mentor) and to open yourself to a deeper, more powerful way of embracing your truth and becoming sexually sovereign.

Email a proper introduction, your age and what you may be looking for in a session.


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