For the imaginative, curious, hungry listener.

I will pour you a sticky story;  an erotic, audio adventure that unfolds between your ears and thighs. I’ll craft you a sexy tale with painted words of pleasure and fly you sky high into erotic fantasy of imaginative surrender and wordy savoring.

Erotic Story sessions are a one hour journey beginning with a brief meet and greet to set the theme, fantasy, ideas , characters, desires you may have in mind. From there I guide you through a 3-5 minute Sexy Body Scan to become present for pleasure, to relax the nervous system and to ease into erotic embodiment. Then. . .let the journey begin.

All you have to do is close your eyes, breathe, imagine and surrender.

Headset/Earphones required for optimal, hands free, self pleasuring.

Sessions are via telephone.

The invitation is for you to create a private, quiet space to receive in and have your favorite lube, toys and erotic accoutrements close by. From there it is sweet submission to my voice and guidance. A journey for you to unleash your imagination into the erotic wild.

One Hour: 80

Donation will be made via etransfer or paypal and be received prior to the session.

You don’t want to miss this verbal, vibrant, juicy journey into the erotic mind.

I aspire to inspire your full body, imaginative desire.

TEXT: 250-888-9149


Client Feedback and Praise:

‘ You have a great imagination and our experiences are almost like being there, you are so good at story telling.’

‘Worth every penny for the long turn-on of a story.’