I enjoy being approached and communicated with in a polite and gracious manner. I trust that when you walk in the door you hold yourself to the highest standard of being, as do I for you.

You are respectful, clean, courteous, mature and considerate. Drama isn’t sexy.

No drugs, alcohol or smoking. If I sense you are under any influence, you will kindly be asked to leave. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

I ask that you refrain from sending me any images, you are all beautiful in my eyes.

Please take the time to properly introduce yourself and communicate why you’d like to see me, a bit about yourself, what you are interested in exploring in a session and provide your age. (” Hey babe’, “hun”, “what’s up” ect will be ignored ).


1) When we spend time together, you are compensating me for my time. The donation exchanged is for the timeline allotted and for companionship. Anything else that may or may not transpire beyond that is personal choice and preference between consenting adults of legal age.

2) I take no responsibility for any physical distress that may result from any previous injuries, pre existing conditions or any issues that may arise in the future. By contacting me you assume full responsibility for our time together.


As you know, we are living in curious times. I don’t need to educate you on Covid 19.

If you are healthy and have no immune compromised people or elders in your circle . . . I welcome you.

If you are fearful, unsure or worried about sharing space then please take care of yourself and wait until you feel comfortable.

 I ask that NO cellular devices be brought into the session.

You must be comfortable with and consent to leaving these elsewhere. ( cell phones/apple watches ect ).

I value your privacy as I value mine.

If this doesn’t work for you then we are not a fit.

Thank you.

Session space is clean, sanitized and bleach laundered. As usual and as per common sense, hands are washed upon arriving and leaving. Hand sanitizer and masks provided.

Touch is a healing modality. Many people were already touch hungry and lacked physical intimacy. Recent events has amplified that. People need touch, love, physical intimacy and to be seen, heard, valued and held. 

This is a safer space to have touch needs met, in a private, professional, relaxing and supportive environment with a professional provider of touch.

If after our initial communication, I feel we may be a good fit to work together, I will provide further details.

I prefer quality over quantity service and have a high standard of who I choose to work with.

Email me at:  or text: 250-888-9149 *( text only unless we have agreed on and booked a phone conversation )*.