Pleasure is medicine . . . pleasure begins with you!

Please be advised that this site contains adult content and is
intended for adults only. 

Thank you for perusing my site and opening a door to your pleasure.
I’m a trained practitioner of the erotic arts and am here to support you on your path of pleasure and sacred sexuality.

One of my passions is in supporting people in their pleasure explorations. I offer Erotic, Sensual Massage and Sexual Health and Wellness Education for those who wish to expand their capacity for pleasure.

My aim is to provide you with the perfect combination of relaxation, rejuvenation and blissful pleasure when you come to visit.

 I am delighted you have found your way to my offerings. Welcome!

We would be a great fit if you…

  • are interested in receiving full body sensual touch in a safe and supportive environment
  • want to explore sensate focus touch and learn about the anatomy of pleasure
  • wish to gain sexual confidence and learn how to last longer
  • wish to address early ejaculation and learn how to circulate sexual energy through your body
  • are interested in gaining sexual endurance and becoming more ‘cockfident’
  • are curious about multi orgasmic capabilities and interested in choosing when and if you climax instead of it being something that just happens to you
  • are craving sensual, erotic touch, TLC and want to receive a lovely massage

If you are looking for a quality Sensual Massage experience, this is it. 

Erotic Sensual massage can expand your capacity for pleasure by helping you learn how to receive and explore ways that arousal can be elongated and maximized.

Increased pleasure is cultivated in slowing down..& with presence. 

The slower we go, the further we are toward feeling more, tuning in and optimizing pleasurable sensations. Many of us rush through desire, touch and physical intimacy, panting and fumbling along the way in some quick entanglement of pleasure, leaving the question . . . was that it?

Why settle for anything less than extraordinary? You DO have sexual superpowers . . . we just weren’t taught this in sexual education.

I weave a blend of Tantric and Taoist mindful erotic practices into my sessions. These ancient sexual ‘secrets’ are powerful keys that can help awaken you to your erotic potential. This sensual practice is about connecting consciousness with sexuality, embracing your body,  it’s desires and erotic energy with celebrations of pleasure.

Benefits of a session:

• increased well-being and confidence
• circulation and cultivation of sexual energy through entire body
• opportunity to explore and work with erectile challenges
• learning to ask for what you want, erotic communication
• addressing porn-related erectile issues
• conscious awareness of your pleasure
• re-wiring neurological pathways to increased pleasure, doing things differently

*enjoying the natural feel-good chemicals released in the brain, through pleasure and touch

*overall relaxation and well being

• empowerment through being more in your body, body aware, being seen and heard
• fun and feeling great!